Liv Tyler by Tony Trotti 7.25.08

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Liv Tyler Video Score: 4 / 5

Liv Tyler sports over-sized varsity jacket

As Givenchy’s face, Liv Tyler is one of the most elegant women in the world. But on Wednesday, in New York city, she appeared ready to go to a ball game as she called a taxi sporting an over sized Varsity jacket.

The thirty six year old swamped her thin frame in a white and black jacket, but hold her style credentials by coupling it with a pencil skirt. Clinging to the black and white theme, Liv Tyler coupled her jacket with a couple of matching a black leather bag and ballet flats that she slung over the shoulder.

Revealing her youthful complexion, Liv seemed to be going without make-up and continued the natural look by leaving her tousled hair loose to fall around her shoulders. In spite of the jacket’s bulky cut, the mother of one appeared really beautiful as she was in attempt to catch a taxi in New York’s chilli morning.

Previous week, the Armageddon star was seen at a Halloween shop, trying on a viking hat finished with a blonde wig and horns. Her kid Milo, who would turn 9 at this year’s end, appeared very happy to profess not to know Liv as he selected his own dress.

Liv is the daughter of Steve Tyler (the Aerosmith frontman). At present, she has 3 projects in different stages of production that includes an appearance in popular TV series called The Leftovers.